Form 2555
Expatriate Tax Advice:

Form 1116

Expatriate Tax Consultant Services:

  • Individual Tax Advice By Phone:
    The fee for phone advice can be applied to reduce the fee for tax filing preparation.

    Call for an appointment right now:
    ++1-530-432 9541 (Oct.- June),
    ++41-79-539 4771 (July - Sept.), or email me at:

  • Expatriate Tax Preparation:

    Forms 1040, 2555, 1116, Fincen, 114
    and others necessary.

Procedure for Getting Tax Return Preparation:

  • Contact me, Richard Bosshardt

  • Be prepared to give me your basic situation: citizenship of you & spouse, residency, marital status, last year of IRS Tax Filing, earning level of yourself & spouse, nature of employment, living quarters; rent or own, type of bank & securities investments; U.S. or foreign, etc.

  • I will then propose a fixed fee to prepare returns.

  • I will send you a contract outlining my services and detailing data I need as well as timing.

  • If you wish to employ my help, send a confirming e-mail.

  • I will complete your IRS Tax return and Treasury Dept. Report, and e-mail to you for printing, signing and instructions where to send. I also include the interpretation of any IRS letter that may arise from your filing, and advise on what action to take; and if necessary will call the IRS on your behalf.

  • One half of the fee is due up front, and the other half, when your tax return is ready to be sent. You may pay the fee by check in CHF or USD equivalent, and mail to my address, or I can furnish bank transfer & account number info (IBAN number) for electronic transfer.

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I met Richard when I was looking for competent advice on how to fill out returns from past years, and continued using his services over the years.

He has always been able to address my tax needs in a timely professional manner, with a great sense of humour. The in's and out's of U.S. Government tax forms for ExPats is taken care of for me, and I know it will be done right.

I highly recommend him to anyone having to file expatriate tax returns.

-- Phillip Bellefeuille
Zuerich, Switzerland
I am a citizen of Switzerland and the USA and I am required to file a U.S. Tax Return to the IRS.

I have engaged Richard Bosshardt to assist me in filling out and filing tax returns for 2007, and earlier years.

He was able to handle my situation, which mainly involves a number of apartment rentals, and fill out all the necessary forms. These were accepted by the IRS.

I found Richard to be knowledgable about taxes and able to complete my filings to the satisfaction of the IRS. I highly recommend him to anyone having to file expatriate tax returns.

-- Gloria LaMantia, Emmenbrücke, Switzerland
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