Expatriot Laws
Expatriate Tax Advice:


Expatriate Laws & Regulations for US Income Tax Filing
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  • Income Tax Return Preparation (Form 1040) for Expatriates (U.S. and dual Citizens working abroad)

  • Expatriate Laws Clarified for Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (Form 2555)

  • Use Foreign Tax Credits on Non-Excluded Income (Form 1116)

  • Report Foreign Bank and Financial Account Information (FBAR & FATCA)

  • Experience with unique situations, including:

  • U.S. citizens with alien spouses

  • Separate or joint filings

  • Federal estate filings for aliens

  • Filing for a dual citizen after 6 years of no filing when taxes, interest and penalties have accrued

  • Double filing as U.S. citizen and alien in the same year after renouncing U.S. citizenship

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Having Mr Bosshardt handle our tax return saved us over $2,000.

As a US Citizen and a Green Card Holder filing from abroad we were overwhelmed by the process and not even aware of some of the tax credits we were entitled to claim.
Mr Bosshardt was a true professional and was available for any questions from ourselves or the IRS before, and more importantly, after the filing. The IRS were happy, we were happy, it was a big relief. I would highly recommend his services. -- Helen Houseman, Lucerne, Switzerland
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