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I spent 34 years residing in Switzerland, from 1963 though 2007, holding different managerial positions including General Manager, Vice President International, and Vice President Marketing in seven different U.S., Swiss, German, Canadian and Brazilian firms/subsidiares, of which I founded four.

I have extensive experience in Financial managerial accounting and taxes. During the last fifteen years in Switzerland I taught advanced MBA courses, which included finance, accounting and tax.

I conducted an Expat Tax Advice and Consulting Service during the last ten years for some fifty individual clients, both U.S. citizen expatriates as well as alien taxpayers with U.S. securities holdings or real estate in the U.S., for whom I carried out U.S. income tax return filings.

I am listed by the American Embassy in Bern, Switzerland as an expat tax consultant, and successfully completed two consecutive courses conducted by the IRS Agent, from the IRS Office in Paris, France.

I am a Swiss American dual citizen, speak fluent English, German & Swiss-German, and have a working knowledge of French, Italian and Spanish business vocabulary.
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I am a citizen of the United States residing in Bern Switzerland.

I am required by law to file a U.S Internal Revenue tax retun, have employed the services of Richard Bosshardt for the last five years to prepare and file my U.S. tax return.

Mr. Bosshardt has performed these services in the utmost professional manner and moreover, has provided me with the advantage of knowing how tax requirements between two countries can overlap and he has dealt with this problem superbly in my favor.

I thus recommend Mr. Boshardt as a top tax accountant without reservations.

-- Andrew N. Apostle, Bern, Switzerland
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